Fnatic Meepo / Crystal Scavenger Fnatic

Digital Illustration - Photoshop - DeviantArt Link

I get asked all the time 'daVE WHY DO YOU LIKE MEEPO SO MUCH HES ANNOYING AND LOOKS LIKE A DROWNED RAT and ur bad at him'.

These people are just jealous of my hilarious ability to play a character that requires micromanagement, WITHOUT and form of micromanagment abilities.

Thank god I can draw him better than I can play him though.



Hater - "What the fuck is this Dave? You said you wouldn't do anymore original sketches in your website posts because they're terrible and you're terrible."

Classic, lol.



Outline for this buddy was essentially relatively new territory for me as I hadn't done too many Dota portraits that WEREN'T symmetrical, but it ended up relatively close to how it was in my head; despite messing with the proportions.

if you see a human with the same proportions as this please alert Katrina Fong and let her know where her husband is 



First dose of colour - stuck with most of the same pallette as the first Meepo illustration, with some additions for the change in attire.

As I typed that, I realised he has a belt.

the fuck does he have a belt for he doesnt even have pants



Added a background and some really, really shotty shadows in. I think this may have really been the only rushed part of the illustration, and subsequently the only thing I'm upset with about it.

Remember: admitting your flaws allows progression; unless one of your flaws is that you just can't stop murdering people



Added some effects to make up for the shotty shadows. Darkened most of the portrait; allowing the viewer to finally realise the backdrop I put him in is a cave. 

Yes i realise geomancers don't work in caves i was hungover while doing this bit god damnit don't judge me



My favorite part of the illo - HIS LITTLE BITTY EYE-GLASS-LENSE-THINGS. Really do love how they turned out. Go me.