Meepo the Geogangsta

Digital Illustration - Photoshop - DeviantArt Link

My favorite character in Dota 2 and my first Dota illustration/portrait. The hero itself has a pretty hilarious lore, and is closely related to rats/mouse but still has human aspects. 

I'll always hold this illustration special, as it sparked an interest to keep going with the Dota 2 Portrait series as well as helping me maintain motivation for other personal works.


Once again my horrible drawing skills are put on display. Why do I even do this step? I should just start a new PSD/AI file everytime and not even worry about it. 

Joking though, as shitty as my original sketches are, I still need them for a decent reference point. 


Final outline of Meepo, adding in as many details as possible without colour. I wanted to show a tattered/beaten down look as he is a geomancer; always outside and about. The slightly angered look on his face is probably in relation to not having been successful in his... geo...mancing... or whatever. 

meepo looks better with a frown, just sayin'

Colour added. Went with shades directly out of the game, bar the pink and skin tone. They were slightly adjusted as to give a bit more liveliness to the face. Colouring this little bad boy was a highlight, making an angry gesture out of colours was a new experience.


Added totally intentional Jamacan background theme. I remember having the idea I was going to do a sunset background with fields/boulders in the background. I also remember giving up on that when I realised I can't draw backgrounds for shit.

Finished product. The Geogangstas, even though they look more like a pack of angry miniature debt collectors.