Mask of the Third Man

Digital Illustration - Photoshop - DeviantArt Link

A bit of a stray away from Dota - still video game related though - a Destiny themed portrait. Mask of the Third Man is an exotic helmet available in the game for the Hunter class. Basically, if you enjoy slicing people left, right and centre, this is the helmet for you!

On a side note: unless you're in a video game please don't cut people. You'll probably get in trouble.



Ain't nobody got time for an OG sketch - straight to the pen tool for this one. Sort of wish I did an original sketch though as creating a final outline straight up is about as annoying as a smelling food that you physically cannot acquire due to it being 'past lunch time' and you shouldn't have '5 lunch meals dave'. Fuck. Off.



SMACK SOME COLOUR UP INNIT. The 'face' area of the mask was incredibly fun to do, while I had no real reference for the chameleon styled look I was going for, It ended up being successful. Remember kids; always experiment, it could end up saving a lot of time to achieve a great result!

unless that experiment is selling drugs at which point the only time it will save you is how long it takes to get to jail



Added textures, eye illumination, stroke/background preparation and minor colour correction. These are sort of the low-key final touches of the illustration, sorta like when you've done the deed but she refuses to call the uber for herself even though you told her you got work early.

i should just stop talking yeah



Background added, the outlines of the gun pattern are from another rare gun from Destiny. There was no real direction as to what to do for a background, so I figured pattern and repeated main image with lowered opacity plus neon highlights are straight out of digital illustration 101, so why not?