Carty the Courier

Digital Illustration - Photoshop - DeviantArt Link

CARRRRTY! A courier released in Dota 2, this little guy brings you all your items! Theres nothing he won't bring! Unless he gets brutally murdered along the way!

From the moment I saw the concept for this guy, I wanted to draw him. I can only assume his creation was influenced by RC from Toy Story.







Final outline of Carty, pretty happy with it. Didn't want to add too many wear/grunge accents as it would take away from the adorable little courier that he was intended to be. 

WHO THE FUCK GOT THE COURIER KILLed I sware 2 christe m9



Coloured him all up, added a couple of bottles too for good measure. The colours weren't identical to the in-game colours but once again, I prefered liveliness of colours to accuracy.



Added a background and a stroke, along with some text which isn't pictured here, if you want to see it you may need to go to the DeviantArt link up the top tut tut.... not at all detering traffic away from my own site for any reason at all. 


god damnit