Obsidian Vestments

Digital Illustration - Photoshop - No DevArt link yet.

My second Destiny themed portrait focusing on two seperate exotic armour pieces wearable by the Warlock class. I went a completely different route with this illo - Haven't experimented with negative space as a fill before, so I thought, why not? Design is all about experimenting right? Nothing will ever go wrong for you if you experiment. I promise. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




Honestly can I just start skipping this step? I can't draw for shit and I hate that I have to keep belittling myself like this. I THOUGHT THIS WAS MY WEBSITE WHY DO YOU FORCE ME TO DO THIS

sry i'm super hungover and hate everything at the minute 



This outline started to solidify my reasoning for choosing this helm - linework and only linework creating a third dimension. In case you skim these captions I mentioned in my previous one I'm hungover while writing this so I'm fresh out of jokes at the minute, check back later. (if I haven't died from this, that is)


omg but Dave how did it get from that shitty outline to looking like that?! Did you skip a step and are you tricking me you cheeky bugger thats not colour thats black and white

I swear you should stop skimming the captions cause I explained this at the start god damnit why do i even write these things




After the painstaking and time consuming shading it was time for a little but of asymmetry - little cracks and nooks to show deterioration/war-torn-ness. (probably not a word but whatever this is my website, get outta here you spelling and grammar nazis)



 Finally - just added a background and a stroke with the Warlock logo to enhance the use of black and white anD NEGATIVE SPACE AND TONE AND FEEL AND UNITY AND OMG ART WORDS

art theory is bad and should feel bad