Her Benevolence

Digital Illustration - Photoshop - No DevArt link yet.

So if you can't tell already; as of late I have been pretty consumed with Destiny rather than Dota. This spills over into my illustration work as well, and I decided I wanted a 'my style' version of my Her Benevolence sniper rifle. Had no idea what to do with it when I finally did it but HEY, life is all about just doing what you want; even if you don't have any reason for it whatsoever. Trying to justify why I drew this and I'm coming up blank... thank god my Her Benevolence doesnt do the same! CHA-CHING

I understand if you leave this website and never come back




First outline. The first time I decided I wanted to skip sketching - mainly due to the fact that most of this is very geometrical and there wouldn't be any point in me showing the world how bad I am at straight lines. 

honestly though, i think im the best at curved lines. like top 300 in the world at least, freehand! not even joking



COLOURRRRR. Her benevolence is actually a slightly duller shade of pink/purple than this but what fun is that? About as much fun as a bag of coal on a Christmas morning when all you did was skip class once because that girl you liked asked you to go down the strEET YEAH LIKE FUCK PUBERTY HEY LETS JUST PUNISH HIM FOR GROWING UP

its all good though she moved towns after we broke up cause i gave her coal for xmas as well


Added Queens Wrath logo - not entirely sure why I added another step for this. I'm pretty fucking dumb, lets be honest here.



LOOK AT THAT QUEENS LOGO, WHAT A LOGO. Also please note the simpleton shading - not making up excuses I am just informing you that I was quite lazy with this and I promise i'll do better next time. 

lol probs wont tho



Background + some text added. Also added another outline of it and the guns In-Game stats in the top left corner but I've cropped it so it suits the rest of the images, so yeah, you can see the full version when I upload it to DeviantArt. Plus I doubt any of you have continued to put up with my shit during all the image descriptions so to any of you that have actually made it here, you are honestly the best/worst kind of person there is. Have a trophy.